OPEN TAQAFA DAYS ‘ from 2012 / to 2014’

Open Taqafa organize meetings and free workshops to promote local initiatives and to launch projects concerning the culture and the free licences. The aim of Open Taqafa Days is to debate over the importance of guaranteeing  a free access to the culture and the information. This aim will be accomplished profiting the experience of different cultural actors who work for the approach of the Pro Commons and the Open Sourcing, and creating a network offering different opportunities to realize concrete actions on this field.

Creative Commons lounges are informal meetings regularly organized in the world (London, Berlin, Brisbane, Beirout, Muscat, etc.). They bring communities of artists, creators and developers around Creative Commons licenses, their uses and their associated technologies.

« CC » lounges are open forums that address a simple and efficient manner to all questions asked by anyone interested in the concept. the « CC » lounge of Casablanca will also be an opportunity to be familiar with the various tools of advocacy aimed at defending free culture, the investment of public areas, cultural freedom, the DIY (do it yourself), free licenses, the opensource, Creative Commons, Open Access, Open Data, the Crowdfunding, the netlabels.

SUMMERLAB CASABLANCA : meeting between artists, activists, hackers and curious students wishing to establish an environment conducive to the exchange of knowledge and sharing individual and collective experiences.

Summerlab Casablanca 2012 – Morocco

SKEFKEF est un magazine marocain sous licence Creative Commons, avec une note populaire et pittoresque ! Ce magazine contient le bien, le mal, le beau et le laid.

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L’édition numéro #1 est  téléchargeable librement en format PDF. Retrouvez-la sur le site

Glitch Casablanca est un événement-erreur non-programmé. Il se  produit tout simplement… Dans Glitch Casablanca, il n’y a aucune programmation préalable. Tout se passe selon les envies des participants : musique expérimentale, visuel expérimental, poésie expérimentale, danse expérimentale, espèce humaine expérimentale.